RelayHealth is a web-based service that provides clinicians a common view of a patient's medical record and enables interactions among care givers at every point of care. 

Used by over 46 million patients and 40,000 clinicians across North America, RelayHealth enables secure health information exchange between patients and all of their health care providers. 

By making information exchange and care coordination easier, RelayHealth can speed up access to care, decrease waiting times, enable better, faster diagnosis and reduce costs.


RelayHealth Demo



Key Benefits


Software as a service solution


Implementation of RelayHealth bypasses many of the investment, implementation and infrastructure burdens of traditional solutions.


Vendor neutrality, integration with existing clinical systems


RelayHealth has a full integration capability that is vendor-neutral, maximizing previous technology investments, with no lost or sunk costs.


Enhanced consultation, collaboration and data sharing


Care coordination entities can easily request referrals, coordinate care, augment information, send messages and exchange records with other health care providers with appropriate authorization.


Better decision-making, use of resources and quality care


By facilitating medical collaboration, RelayHealth can accelerate access to care, decrease wait times, enable better, faster diagnosis, improve patient self-sufficiency, minimize duplicate testing, errors in the system, and reduce costs.


Increased patient engagement and customer loyalty


Patient and customer access to secure messaging and medical records, increases patient adherence to medication and loyalty to the pharmacy resulting in increased prescription volume.


More time for clinical work


Broadcast messages, prescription renewal and requests and appointment scheduling can be done on-line, allowing care providers more time to do clinical work and less time spent on administrative tasks.